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September 30, 2020
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September 30, 2020

Woman on the web. Latex wear that is fetish getting decked out

Woman on the web. Latex wear that is fetish getting decked out

Next we slipped my hands into a couple of black neck length latex gloves. So now my physique had been covered in latex, although my really erect penis was noticeable to all, albeit included in a black colored latex sheath.

But which was not totally all. We required footwear. My partner had purchased me exactly the same 6 inch high heel pumps so I slipped those on and instantly felt a new sense of power that she was wearing. High heel shoes do this for you…

It absolutely was nearly time for the finishing touches. A throat corset accompanied, to ensure we stayed completely erect throughout my own body.

Right now it had been almost time and energy to get, therefore my wife unpacked a large plastic that is black dildo which was operated with a 1.5m long cable using the controls from the end. She ordered me personally to spread my legs (the hobble dress had not been yet laced up) and slowly inserted the plug into my butt after liberally covering it in lubricant. As soon as that has been done she laced up the base for the dress instead tightly, therefore I could just walk in small steps.

Finally, she used some bright lipstick that is red my lips and I also ended up being all set.

She nevertheless had the finishing touches to put to her ensemble. She also slipped for a full mind latex mask and shoulder size gloves. I became in no state to aid so she polished these by by by herself. Lipstick additionally completed her ensemble.

A limo had been ordered by her to just take us into the celebration. The motorist ended up being literally speechless as he saw us. My partner includes a great human anatomy, therefore the tight shiny latex with the high heel pumps, shiny stockings and corset made her a sight to behold. The motorist will need to have been much more than bewildered with me, when I ended up being dressed up in the absolute most hard core feminine clothes imaginable (corset, stockings, hobble dress, high heels, lipstick etc) yet I’d a big erection protruding from the opening in my own hobble dress.

We can’t await the party…

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17 Responses

Part two component two component two!

I’m not especially into shiny things either but this will be extremely sexy. I’m simply have to to re-read the bit where he spontaneously ejaculated while buffing his wife’s tights, reason me…

This ticks numerous bins for me personally.

I shall now get and take a nap in a room that is dark an ice pack back at my forehead while I await part two.

I’d undoubtedly like to see component Two. Merry Xmas.: )

OMG! I can?t watch for component two. X from Argentina!

Whenever are we getting component 2?? I’m dying over here! Haha

Ooh, good point – it is coming =) I’ll bump it up the list!

Yes it is a material with all kinds of unwholesome associations. That’s the idea! Once I put it on we usually get about 100x more feminine attention than usual and quite often, that runs well into solitary figures.

This is actually the most useful visitor weblog that We have continue reading this website! Is it possible to please upload component 2. Or have I missed it?

Good concern – I’m perhaps not certain that i obtained component 2 through when you look at the final end, will always check though.

I’ve browse the latex party story, along with component two, on other web sites. Having a life long fetish, starting latex from my earliest memories as a kid, i sex in heels could fully appreciate the authors feelings concerning their passion for plastic.

I additionally like to get a get a cross dress and combining the 2 is one thing i actually do for a basis that is daily. I’m slightly bi, experienced girlfriends and had been hitched for some time. Nonetheless, using the feminine part with my Boyfriend is really what i truly crave. He’s got a large latex fetish also so we always wear complete latex for intercourse. The concept is found by me of breaking up sex and latex very nearly beyond my imagination and really don’t also want to consider anything!

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